The Blue Lagoon: Is It Worth The Hype?

The Blue Lagoon has been on my bucket list for a long time. Once my flight to Iceland was booked I knew I would be making a visit to the Blue Lagoon.

Situated in the South-West of Iceland it is an extremely popular tourist attraction for visitors to Iceland. Although contrary to what many people believe it is not a natural attraction. There is actually a geothermal plant next to the lagoon. In 1976 it was formed from the excess water from the plant.

Blue Lagoon Iceland Entrance

Is it overcrowded and touristy?

It is a popular tourist attraction so do expect to see other people there too. However, since the Blue Lagoon is so big there are many places to get away from other people. Also, the steam and fog that surrounds the Blue Lagoon create a mystical vibe so you cannot see that many people ahead of you. We did not feel like it was overcrowded. There were many peaceful spots at the side of the lagoon where there were very few others.

Inside the Blue Lagoon Iceland

Will the Blue Lagoon ruin my hair?

The geothermal water at the Blue Lagoon contains high levels of silica, which although is great for your skin, can leave your hair feeling dry and frizzy. I read a lot online before I visited about how dry people’s hair was after their visit. But I didn’t listen. At least not enough. I wanted to get the perfect insta-worthy pictures of me soaking in the Blue Lagoon and that meant having my hair down. You can see in the picture below how much I didn’t care about the potential damage to my hair from the Blue Lagoon. However, as soon as we had finished taking pictures I put my hair up in a bun to attempt to minimise the damage. But it was too late, once we got out of the lagoon we realised just how dry and straw like our hair was.

My best tips would be to use the conditioner which is provided in the showers before you enter the Blue Lagoon. Apply lots of it and leave it in while you soak in the Blue Lagoon. Also, don’t do what I did and try not to get your hair wet too much. It can take about a week for your hair to get back to a normal-ish state.

Soaking in the Blue Lagoon

How hot is the water?

The water is between 37°C and 40°C. We definitely felt that some areas of the Blue Lagoon were hotter than others. But, it was always a warm and relaxing temperature.

When is the best time to visit?

The Blue Lagoon is located conveniently close to Keflavik airport, so many people choose to go before or after their flight. We stayed in Reykjavik for our first night and decided to visit the following day after exploring the city for a few hours. Our ticket allowed us to enter the Blue lagoon anytime between 3-4pm. We arrived early to allow time for a walk around the outside of the Blue Lagoon and to take pictures while it was still light outside.

You should aim to spend around 2.5- 3 hours at the site to fully relax and enjoy the experience. We visited during the winter season when Iceland averages between 4-6 hours of daylight a day. Arriving at 3pm gave us about 1.5 hours before it started to get dark. It was a cloudy day so we didn’t get a sunset but it was nice to experience the Blue Lagoon during both day and night. If you go during a later time there is a chance you would see the northern lights too. Although remember it is just a chance and cannot be guaranteed.


There are three different packages available when booking; Comfort, Premium and Retreat Spa. We opted for the Comfort package which is the cheapest available, yet we still felt very pampered and relaxed at the end of our visit. I recommend booking your tickets in advance. As one of Iceland’s most popular attractions they will sell out!

Here’s what’s included in each package;


  • Entrance to the Blue Lagoon
  • Silica mud mask
  • Use of Towel
  • 1 Free drink of choice


  • Entrance to the Blue Lagoon
  • Silica mud mask
  • Use of Towel, Bathrobe and Slippers
  • 1 Free drink of choice
  • Second mask of choice
  • Restaurant reservation (optional)
  • Sparkling wine if dining

Retreat Spa:

  • Retreat Spa
  • Retreat Lagoon
  • Private Changing Rooms
  • The Blue Lagoon Ritual
  • The Blue Lagoon
  • Skin Care Amenities
  • 1 Free Drink of Choice
  • Access to the Spa Restaurant.
Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask Selfie

Overall Experience:

Overall I would definitely recommend a visit to the Blue Lagoon, especially if it is your first time visiting Iceland. My friend Rachel and I had a fab time during our visit and came out feeling so refreshed. We had so much fun exploring all of the areas of the Blue Lagoon, making use of the free silica face masks and having a free cheeky prosecco from the swim up bar.

If you want to take some nice pictures whilst you are in the Blue Lagoon, then I would recommend buying a waterproof phone case prior to your visit. There are plenty available on amazon and they don’t cost that much either.

Let me know in the comments about your experience at the Blue Lagoon or if you have any other questions that I didn’t answer here.

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