What will a Post-Coronavirus Travel Industry Look Like?

What will travel look like after the coronavirus? When will be able to travel again? We’re all asking the same questions right now, wondering when we’ll even be able to leave the house freely. I am writing this as the UK moves into week 3 of isolation. Social distancing has become a new normal, but when will these restrictions lift?

Post-Coronavirus Travel Industry

The tourism industry has taken a huge hit, but as an industry, it is highly resilient. It has bounced back from natural disasters and pandemics previously, and it will bounce back from this too. However, it won’t be an overnight fix and recovering from the impact this virus has had worldwide will require patience. In time restrictions will begin to lift slowly, it’s likely domestic travel will see the first increase in visitor numbers. Travelling internationally may not be on everyone’s agenda immediately, but we will be ready to travel within our own countries. Local businesses will begin to open their doors again. Consumers will once again dine out and go to the shops.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has left countless people unemployed. Therefore, travelling to far and exotic places for some won’t be possible for a while. International travel will recover over time; some people will take advantage of cheap deals as the industry resumes. In the immediate aftermath of the coronavirus, a unique opportunity will arise to visit destinations that are usually packed with tourists, whilst they are still quiet.

Coronavirus International Travel

Will People Travel Differently?

Maybe new trends will emerge in the aftermath of the coronavirus. Perhaps the destinations that have suffered the most will see a rise in tourism. Predicting the future of the travel industry is difficult. Even predicting the next few months is unknown right now. Yet, business travel may see the biggest changes. As companies are adapting to working from home setups, it’s possible business travel may see a decline after the coronavirus. Zoom and skype conference calls can replace face-to-face meetings – business travel may seem unnecessary in the future.

The cruise industry is likely to be one of the hardest-hit areas of tourism. The coronavirus has made people more aware of how fast viruses like this can spread. Therefore being trapped on a cruise ship may not be the most appealing holiday for many. 

Overall, it’s difficult to predict the full eventualities of the post-coronavirus travel industry. However, it’s sure to look a lot different from the industry we once knew.

Coronavirus Travel Impact

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